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A San Francisco story
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Diego is a software developer and solver of life problems. He and four friends navigate the booming tech culture of post-millennium San Francisco as they build the ultimate life hack app that will forever change how we live. Fixer is a story of identity, authenticity, and the complex synergy between a city and its people.

"Fixer is a whip-smart, unflinching look at the hyper-competitive culture of Silicon Valley and the pursuit of the grind."

Overall Rating: 9.25 out of 10

— The BookLife Prize


Sally tells product stories by day and life stories by night. Fixer, her first novel, weaves both of these worlds together in an exploration of tech culture and its powerful influence on tech workers, their iconic city, and the very fabric of humanity.


As a technology marketer, Sally has spent her career writing about videogame, mobile, fintech, B2B, and developer products. She currently runs her own content marketing consultancy and serves a range of startup and corporate clients. You can learn more about Sally on LinkedIn.


Sally’s passion for writing of all kinds starts with her love of language. She is fascinated by language learning, having studied many languages, most recently Spanish and Greek. Sally’s greatest love is for the English language, which offers a wellspring of poetic expression that is an endless source of inspiration in her work.


Sally grew up in the Bay Area and has lived in San Francisco for the past twenty years. She continues to find beauty and hope in her rapidly changing city.

Read an interview with Sally on the Sexy Grammarian blog.

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